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Store Policy

Customer Care

Customers can reach Lizzie Jane at  

I will respond by my next available business day. 

As my aim is to be reachable, relatable and have a great business rapport with all my customers, I ask that you limit emails to serious inquiries only, and do no soliciting.  Verbal etc abuse will not be tolerated.

Privacy &

Customer/Purchaser private information will not be used for any other purpose outside of Lizzie Jane Art Studio's business enterprise. Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio will only use information collected as part of (but not limited to) inventory, filing, tax/income reporting purposes, accounting/accountability etc as is usual and normal for an online business.  Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio will not sell/donate/give any information to any third party solicitor for any reason outside of what is needed to run my business properly and with integrity.


Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio reserves the right to contact the customer/purchaser (via contact information they provide) as is necessary to ensure integrity and a good business experience, until the entire transaction is completed and the product has been successfully delivered.


The customer understands that due to individual computer settings and etc, the colour of the product may differ slightly than expressed within the sample photo.  The product purchased is of higher quality than the sample photo.


Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio will do everything reasonably possible to ensure a great customer/purchaser experience, and that the customer/purchaser receives the item(s) ordered where possible.  Every item shipped is insured with the delivery company (for safe delivery) for the original amount paid for the item(s), and it is the customer's /purchaser's sole responsibility to claim any applicable insurance amount with the shipping company used, should need arise.

If for any reason it is not possible for the customer/purchaser to receive the original item ordered, and the amount originally paid is not covered by the shipping company's insurance (as every shipment will have insurance for the amount paid) and the customer can prove such, Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio will ship a reasonable replacement item of same or greater value than the original purchase, dependent upon conditions solely determined by Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio. Lizzie Jane /Lizzie Jane Art Studio reserves the right to confirm with the shipping company whether the package has been delivered and/or the insurance amount has been granted to the customer/purchaser or not. The customer/purchaser waives the right to sue Lizzie Jane/ Lizzie Jane Art Studio for any amount and for any reason.

The customer accepts the above terms and conditions by marking the "Terms and Conditions" box and/or by completing the purchase.  A paid purchase is considered as acceptance of these terms and conditions. If the box is not ticked/marked but the purchase is paid in full, Lizzie Jane / Lizzie Jane Art Studio reserves the right to accept that the terms and conditions are accepted and agreed to by the customer/purchaser.  
Lizzie Jane reserves the right to not accept a sale for any reason and if so, monies will be returned and/or not accepted, where applicable.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards 
- E-transfers (used only in special circumstances:

   write Lizzie Jane at

   for details and arrangements)

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