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Santali Welcome Dance

Santali Welcome Dance

"Santali Welcome Dance" by Lizzie Jane.  During my time in India, I lived alongside the tribal Santali people, many of whom benefited from the Indian non-profit school I was aligned with.  I had the privilege to witness the Santali Welcome Dance on a few occasions.  I marveled at the graceful movements of the women as they danced, balancing potted plants upon their heads.  These dances were performed to welcome dignitaries and special guests at major community events.



Art Prints: available sizes in inches: 8x8 up to 20x20 inches.

May be minor cropping to accommodate chosen print size.

Printed in matte.

For custom sizes, contact me at


Also available: Greeting cards with envelopes.

Default order is folded over cards on semi-gloss paper, 5x7 size.

As the original is a square canvas, cards will have a larger white border on two sides.

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