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"Glory Displayed"

"Glory Displayed"

"Glory Displayed" by Vonbethe is a study in glory expressed via God's creation.  As the sun rises above the rolling cloudtops, the radiance bursts forth in glorious splendor!  Each swelling curve mixes the glow with its ethereal wisps, and the skyscape becomes so magnificient, so spectacular, that is it as if Heaven opened up and poured down upon the clouds just to give us a tiny glimpse of what is yet to come.



Art Prints: available sizes in inches: 5x7 up to 24x32-36 inches.

May be minor cropping to accommodate chosen print size.

Printed in matte.

For custom sizes, contact Lizzie Jane at


Also available: Greeting cards with envelopes.

Default order is folded over cards on semi-gloss paper, 5x7 size.

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