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Evolution of a Child's Drawing

Evolution of a Child's Drawing

"Evolution of a Child's Drawing" by Lizzie Jane.   This piece was inspired by a conversation with a child.  "I will never be as good as an artist as you!" this little 6 year old said.  "Well, I didn't get like this overnight, it takes time and practice.  Just keep at it and do what you enjoy." I replied.  "Well I can't do it."  The little one stomps away, and comes back moments later and thrusts a paper into my hand.  "See?  This is HORRIBLE!!"  I look at the paper in amazement and declare, "Horrible?  This is BRILLIANT!!"  The little girl says, "Are you making fun of me?"  I said, "Absolutely not.  Look at what you just did:  you drew three horses that look like the stages of a child's development.  This one looks like age 2, this one age 4, this one age 6.  I absolutely love this!"

She looks back at the paper in my hand, a smile starting to form.  "You really like it?"  "No, I love it."  I reply, "In fact, I am keeping this and one day I will make an art piece using it."

This painting is the fulfilment of that vow, years afterwards, and the not so little girl anymore loves that I kept that scrap of drawing for all those years.



Art Prints: available sizes in inches: 5x7 up to 24x32-36 inches.

May be minor cropping to accommodate chosen print size.

Printed in matte.

For custom sizes, contact me at


Also available: Greeting cards with envelopes.

Default order is folded over cards on semi-gloss paper, 5x7 size.

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