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"Curiosity Series - Tabby"

"Curiosity Series - Tabby"

"Curiosity Series - Tabby" by Lizzie Jane is one of three depictions of the reactions of cats when greeting a stranger.   Sticking her head way out boldly, she is ready to bolt at a moment's notice, only to return a bit later to rub against your leg in hopes of a treat.  After all... the stranger doesn't know this feline is on a diet...

Whether purchased as a single or as part of the set, and inspired by a real life stealer of the other cats food, "Curiosity Series - Tabby" is the last of this beautiful set of minimalist yet enchanting conversation pieces.



Art Prints: available sizes in inches: 5x7 up to 24x32-36 inches.

May be minor cropping to accommodate chosen print size.

Printed in matte.

For custom sizes, contact me at


Also available: Greeting cards with envelopes.

Default order is folded over cards on semi-gloss paper, 5x7 size.

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