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"Autumn Glow"

"Autumn Glow"

The autumn season is resplendent in colour, only to end with empty trees.  Boughs once heavy laden with colour and life, now lay barren in wait and sleep for the cold winter ahead, dark and dreary.  However, the sun has something else to say as it casts its warm glow upon the barren landscape.  Each morning and each evening, the resplendent sun reminds us of the glorious colour not behind, but ahead, when once again all will bloom and grow.



Art Prints: available sizes in inches: 5x7 up to 16x20-24 inches.

May be minor cropping to accommodate chosen print size.

Printed in matte.

For custom sizes, contact Lizzie Jane at


Also available: Greeting cards with envelopes.

Default order is folded over cards on semi-gloss paper, 5x7 size.

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