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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I ordered three prints.  Do I have to pay three shipping costs?
    No, if you order two or more prints in the same order, the shipping cost covers all the prints in that individual order. Just be sure to choose the right shipping cost.
  • How do I know which shipping price to choose?
    1) If you are local and want to pick up the package, there is a free shipping option. Choose that option and Lizzie Jane will work out the details with you via email for the pick up. 2) Lizzie Jane has the sizes written down. If you order two small prints and one large print, you will need to choose the largest size option and that will cover all the prints. The size options are according to what size print you ordered. 3) Prices are also sometimes determined by location. Please ensure you chose the right option, for example shipping to the States is more expensive than shipping within Canada. 4) If you purchased an original painting, and it is being shipped within Canada, choose the "Original Painting Shipping Included" option.
  • What is the $15 option for 130 lb paper? Does it mean my print costs only $15?
    No, the print is not $15. This fee is if the customer prefers a slightly thicker paper than the default 100 lb option. The cost of the paper for the increased thickness is significant, hence a flat rate fee per print is to help cover the extra expense. You still need to choose the size of the print you want separate and apart from this optional add on.
  • Why is the paper thickness important?  What makes it high quality?
    Whereas thinner poster paper can be rolled and easily sent in a mail tube, low quality paper generally is very thin and creases easily. Prints can be easily ruined even with careful handling when the paper poundage is low. Lizzie Jane Art Studio uses 100 lb (or more) paper up to 130 lb which is thicker and helps to prevent creases. Whereas paper products always need to be handled with care, the thicker the paper the easier it is to frame without damage to the beautiful art piece. All work is printed on 100 lb paper (or higher) unless otherwise indicated. 130 lb paper is slightly thicker, more expensive and therefore has an extra flat rate fee attached. Read the return policy carefully. If the product is shipped in a tube, take especial care in opening the package.
  • I am not sure I can afford Lizzie Jane's art but I really want it.  Could I choose a lower quality paper to get the price down?
    Lizzie Jane Art Studio does discourage the lesser quality due to the problems associated with how easily thinner paper is damaged; therefore products under 100 lb paper thickness are not offered. Lizzie Jane does her utmost to accommodate the customer with quality prints at affordable prices. You can find her address at the bottom of the web page should you have additional questions regarding this.
  • Why are the prints listed as 8x10-12 inches?  Why don't you just have 8x10, or 11x14?"
    The original paintings that the prints come from are different sizes, and that directly affects what size the print can be printed at. For example, an 4x6 original scales to an 8x12 size, but not to 8x10 without losing part of the original work. To list every single scaling size would create a huge list and the customer does not know which to choose, therefore the range of height or width may fluctuate which explains the "10-12 inches". If you need a specific size, please email Lizzie Jane beforehand with any questions and she will help you get the size you need for the frame you have, and will discuss with you if cropping will occur or not.
  • I have a different question than is listed. What do I do?
    Write Lizzie Jane at and she will answer you on her next available business day.
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